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OCTOBER 26-29, 2017

The Assembly of Caribbean People being founded on a commitment to certain principles, and that one of these is the recognition of our peoples’ history of struggle for sovereignty and the right of people to self-determination;
And Consistent with this principle:
            The Assembly of Caribbean People recognises the sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the sanctity, legality and legitimacy of its Constitution;
We affirm:
            That through a thoroughly democratic and constitutional process, Commandante Hugo Chavez Frias was elected and re-elected on successive occasions the President of the Bolivarian Republic; and equally legitimately Nicolas Maduro is the democratically elected President of the Republic;
In the face of this democracy:
            There are sections of the oligarchy of Venezuela and right-wing forces in and out of the country that have never accepted the expressed will of the people and, failing in their efforts to win power through the democratic process of elections, have in the years since President Chavez was first elected, pursued extra-constitutional, violent actions including: economic sabotage; coup d’etat; and violent protests that have resulted in many deaths, injuries and the physical destruction of state buildings and property; with the objectives of: regime change; the destruction of the Bolivarian Revolution; and the termination of all the progressive social changes that have brought so many benefits to so many Venezuelans – working people and the poor;
Presidente Nicolás Maduro/Foto Maribel Núñez -RD-
And furthermore:
            These actions are part of a strategy by US imperialism of regime change to reverse the process of progressive political parties and movements winning elections and obtaining state power in Latin America which process began with President Chavez’s first electoral victory 18 years ago;
            That the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela explicitly provides for the Constituent National Assembly to be the original sovereign power of the people; and that the convening of the Constituent National Assembly lies with either the National Assembly or the President together with his Council of Ministers;

This VII Assembly of Caribbean People Recognises:
That the Constituent National Assembly was properly, legally and legitimately convened by President Maduro and that it was duly constituted following free and fair elections on July .., 2017, conducted under the jurisdiction of the National Electoral Council, the constitutional body responsible for elections, in which eight (8) million citizens participated and elected candidates to the Constituent National Assembly;
And further recognising:
That the elections for the 23 State Governors held on October 15th, 2017, also under the jurisdiction of the National Electoral Council, were free and fair and conducted in peace with one of the highest voter turnouts for similar election; and thus were a powerful manifestation of democracy;
Now, this Assembly of Caribbean People meeting in Santo Domingo, from October 26-29th, 2017 declares:
            Our resolute solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution;
Our support for the democratically elected President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro;
Our endorsement of the policies and actions by President Maduro to resolve the internal differences in Venezuela through peaceful democratic means and, in particular, affirm our total agreement with the convening of the Constituent National Assembly as the original sovereign power of the people; and the deepening of peaceful democracy through the holding of elections for 23 State Governors; and the commitment to Municipal and Presidential elections in 2018 as constitutionally due
Our support for the process of dialogue between the Government and Opposition being facilitated by five Governments of the region;
Our deep appreciation to those Caricom countries which have affirmed the internationally recognized principle of sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs and which, in the face of intense pressure from the US, consistent with these principles rejected every effort by the Organisation of American States to attack the democratically elected Government of Venezuela;
Our condemnation of the violence and anti-democratic actions by the right wing, neo-fascist elements in Venezuela, supported by US imperialism and the Western media;
Our total rejection of the attempt by the OAS under Secretary General Luis Almagro, the US and certain other governments to use that hemispheric organization to create the conditions for a military intervention in Venezuelan;
Our abhorrence of the unstable Donald Trump’s threat of military intervention in Venezuela
Consistent with our principles of solidarity, we further declare:
            Todos Somos Venezuela!


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